Ashes to Ashes

Coming November 30th!

They call him The Devil.

Dead-set on settling an old score with a sworn enemy, Alex Koves is AWOL and on the hunt. As a once-rising CIA star, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands to protect both himself and his lover Nora Mossa—but to do this, he’ll need to place his trust in an elusive Russian woman who could sell him out at any moment.

More myth than man, the Mossad operative Nathan Yadin is known to his fellow countrymen and the Arab Underworld only as The Devil. After stumbling upon a sinister operation to sabotage a key nuclear treaty—and a plot to kill Alex and Nora for their meddling with Iran—he’s forced to put aside his dream of disappearing forever to once again jump into a world of conspiracy, murder and secrets.

With a target painted on their backs and racing against time to find a dangerous assassin who has never failed a single assignment, Alex and Nora must decide just how much they can trust Yadin… or if he’s using them as pawns in his own deadly game.

Get ready for a riveting spy thriller like no other. Filled to the brim with pulse-pounding action, thrilling escapades, and a whole lot of secrets, this exhilarating sequel to Sandstorm is a book you won’t want to miss.

A masterfully written, brilliantly executed espionage thriller. Alan L. Lee is one hell of a novelist and Ashes to Ashes is one of the best books you will read this year.
—Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Ashes To Ashes should come with a fire extinguisher. Alan L. Lee’s sequel to Sandstorm is a first-rate espionage thriller that will have you turning page after page.
—Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling author
I love a great spy thriller and Lee does not disappoint.
—Amazon reviewer
Alan L. Lee can stand alongside such stalwarts in their field as Flynn, Baldacci, Thor, Meltzer and Coonts!
—Amazon reviewer

I will be placing Alan L. Lee’s name next to the two or three other authors whose books I buy immediately when they are released.
—Amazon reviewer

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